Chef Walk-about at Dallas Farmer's Market


This past weekend, our chefs Mike Kelley & Chris Waltman were guest Chefs for the recurring Farmer's Market "Chef Walk-about" installation.

Guests of the market were invited to join them as they strolled about the market, creating a dish from local vendors and farmers. 


Keeping things simple and seasonal, we prepared a pan seared sirloin with a warm potatoe salad tossed with a bright banana pepper sauce.



Our green banana pepper sauce was very simple in order to not overwhelm the great flavor already present. A quick rough chop of banana peppers and onion, tossed directly into our Kitchenaid blender with apple cider vinegar and salt. We let it run until emulsified nicely and seasoned to taste.


Meanwhile, our lovely new potatoes were boiled quickly until tender and drained off. After the potatoes cooled slightly, we smashed them flat enough to retain their shape and pan fried them until crispy with some herb aromatics.  



In an additional skillet, with high heat, we seared our sirloin that was simply salted and peppered and allowed to rest momentarily. We also included a bundle of herbs during the searing process to add some depth. 



After cooking our steak to med-rare, we allowed it to rest on our board and we tossed our potato salad with shishito peppers, tomatoes and the green banana pepper sauce. 

Sliced, seared sirloin on a bed of warm potato and shishito peppers and green banana pepper sauce. 

A simple, bright dish for early Texas summer! 

Check out the monthly Chef Walk-about at the Dallas Farmers Market 

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