Busy Busy ! And Something new....

We have been working hard to spread word about the great dinners happening the last Thursday of each month at the Dallas Farmers Market!

It has been great working with amazing farmers and seeing people come out to the market, many for the first time in years.

We have some great chefs lined up for this fall and we cannot wait to share their menus with you.

Keep an eye on DFM FarmShed website for info!


We at Tres are also very excited about a new series coming soon! Like, really soon. And these are going to be something different. But enough for now, check back for the big reveal soon!


Chef Walk-about at Dallas Farmer's Market


This past weekend, our chefs Mike Kelley & Chris Waltman were guest Chefs for the recurring Farmer's Market "Chef Walk-about" installation.

Guests of the market were invited to join them as they strolled about the market, creating a dish from local vendors and farmers. 


Keeping things simple and seasonal, we prepared a pan seared sirloin with a warm potatoe salad tossed with a bright banana pepper sauce.



Our green banana pepper sauce was very simple in order to not overwhelm the great flavor already present. A quick rough chop of banana peppers and onion, tossed directly into our Kitchenaid blender with apple cider vinegar and salt. We let it run until emulsified nicely and seasoned to taste.


Meanwhile, our lovely new potatoes were boiled quickly until tender and drained off. After the potatoes cooled slightly, we smashed them flat enough to retain their shape and pan fried them until crispy with some herb aromatics.  



In an additional skillet, with high heat, we seared our sirloin that was simply salted and peppered and allowed to rest momentarily. We also included a bundle of herbs during the searing process to add some depth. 



After cooking our steak to med-rare, we allowed it to rest on our board and we tossed our potato salad with shishito peppers, tomatoes and the green banana pepper sauce. 

Sliced, seared sirloin on a bed of warm potato and shishito peppers and green banana pepper sauce. 

A simple, bright dish for early Texas summer! 

Check out the monthly Chef Walk-about at the Dallas Farmers Market 

Farm Shed Dinners & Dallas Farmer's Market

Falster Farm talking with guests  

Falster Farm talking with guests  

We have completed a couple of successful Farm Shed Dinners so far and are so excited to see the response from all of our guests! The "Lamb & Jam"  and "¡Viva la Cuba!" dinners were a great beginning for our continuing installation with DFM and great local farmers such as Falster Farm with whom we partnered for amazing pork for Viva la Cuba




As we move along with our Farm Shed Dinners, we are happy to announce that they will continue to fall on the last Thursday of each month! Our next dinner will be June 30th! (Official announcement and tickets shortly) 


As Farm Shed DInners continue to evolve, we hope to showcase an ever changing event that continues to bring folks together at the communal farm table to share meals together and directly support the Dallas Farmer's Market and our local farmers.








Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this new beginning and notices about the next dinner are due out shortly! Sign up for emails notices via our homepage here or at DFM Farm Shed !




DFM Farm Shed

This week is the premiere Farm Shed Dinner in conjunction with our partners at the Dallas Farmer's Market!

Farm Shed Dinners will feature local chefs creating unique menus sourcing product from local farmers for special, one night only events.

Our first dinner is this Thursday, April 28th! 

Get your tickets here!

Come be a part of a new beginning at the Dallas Farmer's Market and help bring together local chefs an local farmers to celebrate the bounty of North Texas!

Launch Party Success!

Wow! What a fantastic evening filled with food, drinks and community! If you were able to join us last night, your head is probably still spinning like ours over the fantastic response we received! As we recover and look towards the future, we will process and share some of the amazing photography from Melissa! 

Here are a couple of candid shots shared with us by some of our guests!

Photo credit: @tamaraldelvalle Instagram

Photo credit: @tamaraldelvalle Instagram

Photo credit: @tiasdf Instagram

Photo credit: @tiasdf Instagram

We are excited about our next steps as Tres and our upcoming projects with the Dallas Farmers Market! Stay tuned!


-Tres Dallas Team


April 7th is right around the corner! Tia, Chris & Mike have been busily sourcing product, preparing our space and generally gearing up for Thursday night!  


Pickled chive bulbs in house made apple bourbon vinegar  

Pickled chive bulbs in house made apple bourbon vinegar  

Spring seems to have come early here in North Texas! Produce has begun to show signs of the coming season and we are happy to celebrate the change in weather and our beginnings! 

Our launch dinner is shaping up to be an intimate setting and we look forward to meeting many of you that share our desire to celebrate fresh, skillfully prepared dishes highlighting the natural beauty of our great state! 


Tres Dallas Launch Event

The website is launched, social media is churning and our premiere event is coming up fast! Tres Dallas Team is excited to announce our launch party will be April 7th in Dallas with our partners the Expo House!

Please join Tia, Chris & Mike as they share their passion for food and community with a five course menu executed by our talented Chefs Chris & Mike.

More information and tickets can be found here!