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Whether you are a chef looking to create your own unique pop-up event, a group in need of expert event management, or a host looking to take their private event to the next level we can create a solution for you! Please let us know how we can help you create the perfect event!


Pop Up Dining

If you are a chef or restaurant looking to start a pop up dinner program- Tres Dallas can provide the logistical expertise for the kitchen, during the event, and pre-event planning, marketing and ticket sales. Tres Dallas can provide our own culinary team and custom menu or serve as support for your vision. If you do not have a venue, Tres Dallas can source one. Additionally, we can staff and/or organize more intimate Chef’s Table events.


High End Event Management

The team of Tres Dallas is comprised of two executive chefs and an event and marketing expert. We can provide consultant services for the planning and execution of your event, menu and theme ideas, and event best practice solutions. Tres Dallas has in house equipment designed for a lean portable kitchen, and modern plate settings. Usage of Tres equipment can be written into a contract as well as complete coordination of event rentals and staffing.

Boutique Catering

Tres Dallas can customize our design for tray passed cocktail parties, in-house dinner parties and fashion shows. In addition to creative appetizers, Tres Dallas has our own mixology program, that can truly make your event unique. Our services are perfect for art openings, designer expositions and a way to wow your neighbors without the cleanup.



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